Video production tips from DARLA.  Who’s DARLA?   Let’s find out. This acronym, DARLA spells out 5 tried and true principles for producing killer pro video that will make you stand out!

Composition, Depth of Field, Lighting, and Audio, are the building blocks for great looking video. Learning these principles intitially cost me a film school education. But I’ve been able to refine these practical techniques.  Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks and short cuts. Use these, and people will notice that your video looks remarkably better than the majority of amateur videos on the web.

Who’s DARLA!?  Ask my wife. For many years, I’ve been having affairs with multiple video production projects relating to my businesses and some non-profit work. Prior to some of the technological advances, video consumed a lot of time. My wife, Diane actually told people she was my “Video Widow!”


DEPTH: Depth of Field Creates Space Behind Your subject.

ANGLES: Shooting at an Angle, Creates Depth, Separation.

RULE OF THIRDS: Compose and Position Your Subjects in Your Shots.

LIGHTING: Use Simple, Affordable Lighting Techniques.

AUDIO: Microphone Usage Techniques and Equipment Options.

There’s a lot more to video production than DARLA. My objective is to take complex film making principles, condense them and keep it simple and affordable. Do some research and just Google it. The Internet provides a wealth of information on these topics. Take about 10 and a half minutes and watch.